Clinical Hypnotherapy, Online Sessions, & Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniques (QHHT) Reviews

“Yesterday, I had an incredible QHHT session with Elizabeth. We discussed my background and she connected me to my Higher Self in the QHHT session. My Higher Self provided me with immediate relief and will continue to heal past trauma. My Higher Self gave me insight into how I can stand in my power to increase wealth, personal and career advancement, and love. Lastly, my past life regressions were significant, other-worldly adventures. Elizabeth unlocked and helped me interpret other-worldly challenges and symbols that will help bring out the best in me everyday. I highly recommend Elizabeth to those seeking to identify and resolve the root causes of present life challenges. Enjoy!”

Hypnotherapist Notes:  This 40 year-old corporate program manager regularly practiced meditation, allowed his conscious mind and body to relax, and experienced wonderful insights.

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“After my sessions with Elizabeth, I can sleep again! She created a safe, relaxing, healing place where I could confront the thoughts I feared the most. My family immediately noticed a difference: I am happier!”

Hypnotherapist Notes:  This 25-year-old data analyst allowed himself to relax and and process events from long ago. Weeks later, he’s still amazed with his personal transformation.

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“Elizabeth Austin-Benard at Double Eagle Hypnotherapy is a master at her art. Elizabeth made me feel so comfortable and cared for as she adeptly guided me through a body scan and into a mental state that allowed my subconscious mind to show me what I most needed to know at this moment in my life. During the session, I received wisdom that I cherish and will definitely follow as I move forward to make the most of my gifts and talents in this precious lifetime. In addition to Elizabeth’s expert guidance during the session, she followed up with a helpful summary and a recording, which ensured I would remember everything about the amazing experience, including all of the important lessons learned and wisdom received to help me along my path.” — Planet Protector

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“Through serendipitous events I was lead to Dolores Cannon’s work which lead me to Double Eagle Hypnotherapy. Elizabeth is kind, compassionate and interested in using this technique to be of service to her clients and help them develop a deeper understanding about what their life purpose or events are really about. She helped me discover two past lives and their significance for this life. I highly recommend you explore this hypnotherapy method. It’s remarkable.” 

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“Yesterday was an amazing experience that I am definitely still processing! Elizabeth was so very kind and helpful. I actually found our talk just as helpful as the actual session. Elizabeth really gave me some great perspective that I had not previously considered. Anyway, thanks again, and thank you for doing the work that you do, Elizabeth. You were a wonderful guide on my journey.”

Hypnotherapist Notes:  This retired federal attorney was surprised and grateful for the thoughtful comments/suggestions she received throughout her session.

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“My session was so memorable that months later, I still remember every detail. I was entirely removed from the present and transported back to another time, which I saw so clearly that it remains imprinted on my mind.”

Hypnotherapist Notes:  This 95-year-old client only recalled a fragment of her session until she listened to her recording, recognized her own voice, and allowed her conscious mind to access and visualize what her subconscious described. 

“Thank you for such a powerful and personal session this past week.  I truly appreciate the time, care and enthusiasm you brought to the entire process.  Your passion for understanding our subconscious is contagious!  I look forward to seeing how the wisdom unfolds.”

Hypnotherapist Notes: This 40-year-old analyst had questions about her purpose.

“I had a very successful QHHT session with Elizabeth back in August.  Her hospitality and genuine personality definitely made me feel very comfortable and welcomed.  She is a great listener and during the interview she went to the core of the issues I wanted to get answers for.  During the hypnosis, my questions were answered by my subconscious except one which I was told by my higher self that I was not ready to know the answer yet.  It was very interesting and a healing session for me.  I am so grateful for her time and the friend whom suggested Elizabeth to me!”

Hypnotherapist Notes: This 40-year-old law enforcement official was curious about her journey.

“The hypnotherapy session I had with Elizabeth was truly an incredible experience.  I felt safe and comfortable talking to her.  She was also able to probe into my subconscious so that I can ask myself important questions that will help me with my day to day life.  I was able to identify exactly what I needed and what my purpose in life is as well as have flashbacks to an old life and the lessons from that life.  It was an amazing experience.”

Hypnotherapist Notes: This 21-year-old Chemical Engineering college student was curious about her childhood experiences.

“I didn’t know [omitted] about Hypnotherapy, as most of the people think I was sure that is related to Hypnosis. One day my daughter made a comment about a new resource that she was reading about for treating anxiety issues. I listened to her and I told her “Go and try.” Today, I think that was a very good option for her. As a mother, I wanted to see her happy and it was hard for me seeing her struggling with her anxiety. I am very grateful to Elizabeth for offering my daughter [omitted] another resource of treatment that helped her in a very positive way to manage her anxiety and lower her suffering. Thank you Elizabeth!”

Hypnotherapist Notes:  The mother of this 23-year-old graduate student appreciated the positive impacts her daughter experienced as a result of a series of clinical hypnotherapy treatments. 

“I was so nervous to be hypnotized because I’ve felt for a long-time nausea underneath and I couldn’t remember why I had this feeling that I suppressed long ago.  I didn’t have a profound breakthrough, but the process Elizabeth and I went through together showed my brain what is subconscious and what is conscious, what is child-self and what is high-self.  The reason I needed it most was sleep and lately sleep has still been difficult—but, I feel like all the parts are working together like a group of friends in my head.  I listen now more to things my subconscious tells me.  After the session my life broke into pieces and all the bad bits were cleansed which was hard but, now, I am on a solid path towards the good bits.  Thank you, Elizabeth!”

Hypnotherapist Notes:  This 21-year-old Art Therapy college student was surprised to feel so much clarity (some might actually say “break-through” ) after the session. 

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