Online Sessions


Each online modality (Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, and Between Lives Regression) is offered using a series of three, two-hour sessions.  This protocol allows the client to

  • relax in the comfort and safety of their own home without scheduling travel-time or driving around belt-way traffic,
  • build rapport with the hypnotherapist in a familiar setting,
  • ease into the hypnosis process by focusing on present life memories before accessing their subconscious wisdom,
  • initially access personal resources that help them shine a light on difficult past experiences.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions are best for clients who have had present life trauma since they gain insights into their experiences and tend to overcome their limiting beliefs through therapeutic resolutions.

Past Life Regression Therapy Series is offered to clients who generally understand that they are spiritual beings having a physical experience and want to have more insights into causative events that create present life effects.

Between Lives Regression Series is conducted with clients who accept and understand their spiritual nature and seek a deeper level of healing and spiritual awakening.