Hypnotherapy will help you overcome obstacles to gain clarity and live purposefully.

Elizabeth Austin-Benard, certified clinical hypnotherapist and veteran, has studied various hypnosis techniques and has achieved certifications from world-renowned programs including the Hypnotherapy Academy of America and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy.

Life in 2020 isn’t easy, but it gets extraordinarily exciting and satisfying when you are on your right path.

The Benefits of Hypnotherapy


Time is precious and life these days certainly isn’t easy…it’s even more stressful when you find yourself at a proverbial “crossroads.”

Think about this: You have dedicated your thoughts, skills, and potentially decades to successfully raising your family and achieving your career goals, but NOW you feel the need and have the opportunity to do something completely different with the rest of your journey. In other words, you know that you could continue to do what you’ve been doing for another five, ten, or twenty more years…but, despite your successes, you’ve recently realized you are a bit bored and tired: you are at a crossroads. Do you want to feel more clarity, energy, excitement, and joy as you wake up each day? Let’s talk–you may simply need to relax and listen to your subconscious.

I’ve been there and understand.

I know Double Eagle Hypnotherapy techniques can help you access your inner wisdom and unique resources. These techniques help reveal your focused, more confident, self, who understands your purpose and supports your energetic investments each of which brings you closer towards your own unique goals.

Imagine this: By listening and allowing yourself to truly relax, YOU can listen to YOUR subconscious who may:

— identify your purpose and suggest the best plan for you to get there,

— describe steps to improve you energy levels,

— suggest therapies to minimize past emotional, physical, financial or social traumas, and/or

— access your own natural abilities to manage pain, decrease anxiety, improve sleep quality, and accelerate healing.

When you actively listen to the guided relaxation techniques, you can achieve balance, insights, understanding, and personal growth. You are more resourceful than you realize! Allow yourself to tap into your own guidance system that knows your strengths, interests, and passions — then make a plan. It’s up to you.

Hypnotherapy Services

Certified Medical Support – Clinical Hypnotherapist (CMS-CHt)

  • Induces relaxation to reduce pain, decrease post-procedural recovery time, and increase compliance with prescribed treatment plans,
  • Improves your attitude towards wellness and rehabilitation,
  • Decreases stress by addressing the fear-tension-pain cycle thereby increasing comfort,
  • Recognizes that you have your own internal resources to assist in recovery from injury or illness which enhance medical treatment, as well as
  • Teaches you self-help skills resulting in enhanced self-empowerment.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniques (QHHT)

Regression Therapy helps you access the subconscious to obtain answers to such questions as:

  • What is your true purpose?
  • What are your lessons to be learned?
  • How can you improve your physical condition?
  • What actions can you take to improve your personal relationships?
  • And many more…if you are ready.

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